Pollie Barden

Driven by my relentless curiosity, I design experiences that are engaging, inclusive, and empower people.

As an advocate for users’ voices, I champion their inclusion in the development of digital products.
As a user researcher, I identify pain points, uncover new insights, and provide actionable solutions.
As a leader and mentor, I build collaborative high-performing teams and spearhead new initiatives.

Have a Telematic Dinner Party to Reconnect

Are you stuck inside? Miss hanging out with your friends and family due to social distancing and sheltering in place? 

My research on telematic dinner parties explores social presence as a mutual connection between remotely located people. A telematic dinner party is the creative use of digital technology to bring together remote guests in experiencing a sense of togetherness and playfulness and sharing at a dinner party.

Check out my research and conduct your own telematic dinner party

Private portfolio access is available upon request for recent work.