DIY and Hands-On Learning with Technology

In my role as a facilitator of learning, I have always aim to develop engaging and accessible methods for conveying ideas and concepts. At Sussex, we have a lovely community for sharing experienced and techniques across the university. Through the Technology Enhanced Learning group, I have been able to share my own methods. Here is […]

Owl Popup card with conductive ink and LED

Screenshot 2015-07-02 11.01.36

Getting Older People Addicted to the Internet – Digital Shoreditch

Getting Older People Addicted to the Internet – Digital Shoreditch 2015 from paba on Vimeo. I was fortunate to be invited to present my research at Digital Shoreditch 2015. The presentation was on my work on the disabling qualities of our digital devices as part of my PhD research at Queen Mary University of London.

Tousle Monster – Soft Circuit Workshop V&A

    We had a lovely time running a workshop at the V&A Museum that introduces soft circuits. The participants get to create their own Tousle Monster. Tousle has one eye and a tuff of hair. The hair is made up of two sections of conductive thread separated by regular yarn. When the two sections […]



Queen Mary EECS team wins first prize in plant hackathon!

Video of the Plant Hack – Symposium and Hackathon in Social Media and Interaction On 23-24 March, Shauna Concannon, Katja Knecht, Sophie McDonald and Pollie Barden from the Media Art and Technology PhD programme, and Dmitrijs Milajevs from the Theory Group, in the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, teamed up to participate in […]

Superconductor’s Orchestra with BareConductive Touchboards

On a sunny Saturday, we provided a day of creative fun with paper, conductive ink and audio. Families came to create interactive drawings. The children created drawings. They added sound to the drawings using conductive ink and touch boards from Bare Conductive products. The children were age four to 12 years old and all had fun. […]



Arduino Lock Box Workshop

  Codasign and the British Museum collaborated to build a workshop. The workshop was designed with the Citi-Money Gallery. The focus was on security. The workshop was divided into four sections. At the start, we took them to the exhibit and discussed the evolution of security. The exhibition ranges from lock boxes to modern digital […]

Etch-a-Sketch Ardunio/Processing Workshop

  For the second year, Codasign and Lycée Eugène Livet collaborated on an Etch-a-Sketch workshop for Livet’s student visit to London. The workshop is not only fun but relevant for the French students. André Cassagnes of France invented the Etch-a-Sketch. In the workshop, I take the 25+ students through a set of lessons where they learn […]



V&A Circuit Building Workshop

Codasign and V&A Museum collaborated on producing a circuit building workshop for their Digital Futures Programme. The workshop introduced circuit building to novices. I started with basics using graphite to make circuits. Then we build circuits using a 555 timer chip. The 555 Timer provides a means to create control in a circuit using components […]

Electric Poster Workshop

  Codasign and King’s College collaborated to host an Electric Poster workshop for 30+ visting Chinese students. The students are studying various areas in art and illustration. The workshop was broken into two sections. In the first section, I introduced circuit design, Arduino and using conductive ink. In the second section, the students used their new […]



FutureHeads Camp Week

Technology Will Save Us was tapped to provide circuit building workshops for FutureHeads Camp. As a TWSU expert, I provided two days of activities for the campers aged between 8 – 12 years old. We started with the DIY Electro Dough Kit. It is a fun way to for learning the basics of circuit design. The […]