Being Me

being me landing page

Being Me was launched in February 2010.  Being Me supports students in holistic work on issues related to emotional, physiological, social, and community development. Being Me was developed for Quest2Learn, a New York City magnet school, which developed a dynamic curriculum that uses the underlying design principles of games to create academically challenging, immersive, game-like learning experiences for students.


Being Me Features:

  • The Studio, an interactive portfolio space
  • The Expertise Exchange, a hub of interaction where students subcontract their expertise to other kids
  • Mission Channels, where students can broadcast their work and share ideas via blogs and audio and video podcasts
  • Friend Well, where students can manage their community of peers that links to external social communities in which they are active
  • The Data Repository, which tracks students statistics within the community, visualizing the activities and issues in which students are engaged

Client: Institute of Play

Roles: Information Architect, Front-End Developer, and Technical Liaison | 2009