FutureHeads Camp Week

Technology Will Save Us was tapped to provide circuit building workshops for FutureHeads Camp. As a TWSU expert, I┬áprovided two days of activities for the campers aged between 8 – 12 years old.

We started with the DIY Electro Dough Kit. It is a fun way to for learning the basics of circuit design. The circuits provide enough power to light LEDS, and make noise with piezo speakers. The kit encourages collaboration. The campers work together to sharing components, and electro dough to create circuits together.

Thirsty Plant built on top of the electro-dough circuits. The kit provides all the components where the wires are twisted together so no soldering required. The circuit is powered by solar panel. When the soil become dry the resistance between the sensors is reduced and the circuit is completed. A LED is lit indicating the plant needs water.
The campers worked in groups putting together circuit. They enjoyed playing with the light properties of the solar cell collector.

We turned to our friend at Little Bits for the final activity. Little Bits are modular magnetic components that can be combined to create circuits. Little Bits provides the opportunity to have more control over the circuit. The campers learn about the switches and multiple paths. The campers collaborated to build a variety of circuits and test out their theories on the number of components they can power at once.