Tousles at the
All the Tousles together!

We had a lovely time running a workshop at the V&A Museum that introduces soft circuits. The participants get to create their own Tousle Monster. Tousle has one eye and a tuff of hair. The hair is made up of two sections of conductive thread separated by regular yarn. When the two sections of conductive thread are “tousled” together, they complete the circuit. When the circuit is complete an LED light in the tongue lights ups.

The grey threads are conductive thread in two sections on either side of regular yarn. This is the “switch”to turn on the LED in the tongue.

The participants had a good time learning how to create the Tousle and conductive materials. Some of the participants created their own version in the form of a fish. Everyone went home with a working Tousle monster to show their friends. They have a new awareness of the abilities conductive materials can offer the crafting community.

Fish version of Tousle. The tail acts as the switch.