Owl Popup card with conductive ink and LED
Owl Popup card with conductive ink and LED created by Diane Simpson-Little

In my role as a facilitator of learning, I always aim to develop engaging and accessible methods for conveying ideas and concepts. At the University of Sussex, we have a lovely community for sharing experienced and techniques across the university. Through the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) group, I have been able to share my methods through a variety of their venues.

As part of Sussex’s Innovation Week, I ran a Electric Paper Workshop with staff to demonstrate how to create digital interactive systems with paper, ink and graphite.

If you would like to find out more about my work with Maker techniques and gamification in learning please check out the podcast and interviews below:

  • Hands-On Learning with Technology: Technology Enhanced Learning Podcast where I discuss using game design and DIY technology to create interactive opportunities for learning and engagement.
  •  #DIWSussex Makerspaces: Here is an interview of the process and opportunities for using graphite, conductive ink and paper to create an interactive experience.