British Science Festival

The British Science Festival is Europe’s longest standing science festival, traveling to a different place in the United Kingdom each year. For 2017, Brighton University and the University of Sussex were selected as hosts for the festival.

My Fireflygame was accepted into the festival. I ran it over two days at the Brighton Museum as part of the Creative Technology Research programme.

The Fireflygame is a research project that investigates human-to-human interaction mediated by technology. It challenges players to develop new game rules and analyze the effect of the gameplay and strategy. The game exposes that is hard to design for play and fun.

Getting Older People Addicted to the Internet - Digital Shoreditch

Getting Older People Addicted to the Internet - Digital Shoreditch 2015 from paba on Vimeo.

I was invited to present my research on engaging older people with digital technologies at Digital Shoreditch 2015.

I presented the outcomes of my work with using Participatory Design methodologies to co-develop a mobile/tablet apps for older people. The research was conducted with an intergenerational run club called GoodGym.

Hippokampos in the Grey Matter

hippo_feetinwater wave+vf

Hippokampos in the Grey Matter explores how we relate memories to a physical place and how these are shared with others, yet are never quite the same. The game takes people through a network of memories – places and trails from our past, and traces them into the physical landscape of Athens, exploring how memories can cross in the same way paths can.

This game experience is inspired by psychogeography practice and research in the temporal memory. Psychogeography approaches our landscape through our human emotional and behavioral responses, instead strictly measurements of distance and features. With Hippocampus, we took someone’s memory of a favorite walk. (Temporal) and worked with them to extract the salients elements of the experience. Then used those elements to reimagine the walk in completely different space.


The game was commissioned by AthensPlaython for their inaugural September 2012. We ran a workshop where the participants developed the narrative clues within the framework of myth. The participant designed game was run in the final day of the festival.


The game was developed in collaboration with Mztek, a learning community in technology and arts for women.

Remember Me

Photos by: Rotem Tashach

Remember is an exploration of personal community. In this case the community is comprised of the mobile devices we carry with us everyday. The layers of technology that we tote around with us daily create a digital second skin. The jacket is a physical representation of this second skin and is wired to display the communication between our digital devices.

In this project we empower the objects to converse with each other through the use of Bluetooth. The conversation serves two purposes. The first goal is for the objects to stay in touch with each other. If one of the objects goes missing, leaves the conversation, the jacket will visually displays the disruption. The second goal is for the conversation to create a shield of digital noise that will prevent any attempt to access personal data.

Finally, the devices and the Jacket are equipped with physical switches. The LEDs on the jacket displays whether all the devices are connected or not. This function creates a physical security of the items.

Featured Venues

CuteCircuit Show: video by Megan MacMurray

Roles: Co-Designer and Co-Developer | 2006

Collaborators: Sonali Sridhar and Angela Pablo

Professor: Raffi Krikorian
Developed in Every Bit You Make at Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.