Pollie Barden is a human computer interaction researcher, game designer and technologist. Her work focuses on engaging and empowering users of all abilities with technology. She has over ten years of experience in designing, developing and project managing digital experiences that range from web/mobile based platforms, physical computing to pervasive games. Pollie work has been presented at conferences and exhibitions across the globe. Her research and art work can also be found in a variety of research and art publications.

As an educator, Pollie has taught physical computing, game design and graphic design in both workshops and universities in the U.S. and U.K. Her varied background of experience contribute to her agile abilities in managing and mediating challenging professional relationships and fostering successful team building.

She earned a masters in Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University, NY, US. Currently, she is finishing a PhD in Media Arts and Technology at Queen Mary University of London. Pollie is based at the University of Sussex, Brighton where she is a lecturer in Product Design and researcher in the Creative Technologies Group.


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