Our Telematic Dinner Party Study in Eat Cook Grow from MIT Press

Rob Comber and I co-author chapter 4: Not Sharing Sushi: Exploring Social Presence and Connectedness at the Telematic Dinner Party (TDP). This chapter details the telematic dinner experiments we ran in the summer of 2011. The focus is on the TDP where the participants had sushi for their cuisine. It was the was the least […]



Capacitive Sensing Workshop

  We ran a half-day workshop that introduced how to create a capacitive sensor with Bare Conductive Ink and Arduino. The attendees were all new to Arduino. The workshop started with a quick refresher on circuit building. The next step was building circuits with potentiometer and light resistors and using the serial write/read of Arduino. The attendees […]


GoodGym Participatory Design Research

The central theme of our research project is to bolster older people’s confidence in engaging with digital technologies through a meaningful integration into their lives. We are working with a local London, UK running club whose members regularly visit isolated older people in their neighborhoods: checking on their well-being, encouraging social interaction, delivering newspapers and […]

Arduino workshop with Lycée Eugène Livet

  The students of the Lycée Eugene Livet School, Nantes, France came for the second time to Space Studios as part of their annual London trip. Codasign designed a workshop for the students that combined Processing and Arduino. The school has a technology program that includes teaching Processing and Arduino. The students were a mix of experienced […]



Introduction to Arduino Space Studios

  Codasign offered a three session introduction to Arduino workshop. We developed a curriculum that took the students from basic circuit building to programming a LCD screen in the final class. The students were all new to the Arduino platform.In the first session they build circuits to light LEDs and progressed to momentary buttons, potentiometer to control […]

We Are Laura: Electric Drawing Workshop

We ran a electric drawing workshop for “We Are Laura“. We Are Laura ran a one week nautical pop event in the Box Park in Shoreditch, London, UK. The Box Park is a series of cargo containers that are rented out as stores. We Are Laura took the cargo containers as a point of departure […]



Big Draw 2013: Electric Drawing Event

                          Codasign was invited to take part in the Big Draw Festival 2013. It took place in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London UK. People could drop in to make their own paper circuit, create a drawing and light it with an LED. We used […]

Hack the Barbican:
Introduction to Interactive Light Projects

This introduction to Arduino workshop was aimed at tapping into the Barbican community. The Barbican’s community trends toward people who attend galleries, theatre and musical performances but not likely to attend an electronics workshop. The workshop was aimed at introducing physical computing with Arduino. The workshop was advertised to the older spectrum of the audience […]



Hack the Barbican: Electric Paper Workshop

  The Electric Paper Workshop aimed to easing the understanding of electricity and circuit design. The workshop utilized household tools such as HB pencils, loose graphite and paper. We finished the workshop with the introduction of conductive ink. I introduced participants to making simple circuits out of paper and cloth. The participants where made aware that they can create interactive projects […]