Clinical Trials Networks Best Practices (CTNBP) is a multifaceted secure website to serve as a point of connection, resource sharing and collaboration for clinical trial researchers.

The web site was developed in Plone, Zope’s open source CMS, using Python and PHP for the Duke Clinical Research Institute.


Problem to Solve

How to provide a secure, easy to use and searchable website for clinical researchers from novice to experts to share resources and create standards for conducting clinical trials?


Work with researchers, and administrators to identify needs, create mapping and onboarding flows of processes, develop wireframes, prototype site and launch at cardiac conference. 

  • User Research
  • Mapping and Onboarding Flows
  • WireFrames
  • User Testing
  • Launch Site


Build a secure user-friendly content management system that empowers users to upload, organize and share clinical trail resources with colleagues.


Reduced administration cost of clinical trials through identifying and standardizing documents which eliminated the need for designing new documents for each trial. 

Expanded researchers network and collaboration partners through identifying shared and interdisciplinary skills for new potential research opportunities. 

Mapping and Functional Flows

Created functional flows for the various roles in the system.


Developed a series of wireframes to test the usability of editing features.


Reduced upstart administration cost for new clinical trials through developing and sharing standardized documents reducing the need for new form designs for each new trial. 

Provided a central repository for sharing and updating knowledge for administering clinical trials from novices to experts.

Members found new opportunities for collaborations through shared and interdisciplinary skills with the outcome of increased grant applications for research.