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RoboFun is run by Vision, Education and Media (VEM). VEM provides RoboFun classes to schools throughout New York City. Through teamwork and collaboration, the RoboFun classes teach students how to build and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS kit and software. 5th Graders The fifth grade class learned the basic principles of construction regarding structures, gears, […]




Kidish is a children’s plate design to promote healthy eating through entertainment. The project was inspired by both medical reports and family experience. All of the group members had observed and shared in the frustration of encouraging a young nephew, niece and/or cousin to eat healthier food. This concern was underscored by several medical articles […]


Dis-Go-Go is a rotating board game of strategy and chance. By rolling dice, spinning discs and anticipating and blocking the moves of your opponents, you create a strategy to exit the board first. To win, you have to escape the board by aligning a single color (five spaces total) from the start to finish point. […]