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Remember Me

Photos by: Rotem Tashach Remember is an exploration of personal community. In this case the community is comprised of the mobile devices we carry with us everyday. The layers of technology that we tote around with us daily create a digital second skin. The jacket is a physical representation of this second skin and is […]




RoboFun is run by Vision, Education and Media (VEM). VEM provides RoboFun classes to schools throughout New York City. Through teamwork and collaboration, the RoboFun classes teach students how to build and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS kit and software. 5th Graders The fifth grade class learned the basic principles of construction regarding structures, gears, […]

ADA Devices

Adaptive Design Association (ADA) has the mission to ensure that children with disabilities obtain the customized equipment they need to fully participate in home, school, and community life. My internship with ADA focused on learning techniques for building furniture and devices out of cardboard. I built chairs, push carts, containers, and a ping pong table. […]



Networked Journals

Networked Journals is exploration in merging the analogue interface of journal to the web and mobile world. The impetus for the networked journals driven by two desires: (1) to know when it is an opportune time to contact a friend via phone, email etc… 2) to stay in touch with friends through writing in a […]