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qMedia Open Studios

qMedia Open Studios is an annual exhibition of the innovative research from the Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Department at Queen Mary University of London. qMedia is composed of: Centre for Digital Music  Cognitive Science Multimedia and Vision Research Doctoral Training Centre in Media and Arts Technology researchers in Social and Pervasive Computing I curated […]

Firefly Game

  Firefly is a tagging game that explores temporal memory, and exploits the balance of collaboration and competition. The game is designed to be played in the dark. Players, wearing flashing LED badges, compete to see who can steal the most badges from other players. The winner is the person with the most badges at […]



Hippokampos in the Grey Matter

  Hippokampos in the Grey Matter explores how we relate memories to a physical place and how these are shared with others, yet are never quite the same. The game takes people through a network of memories – places and trails from our past, and traces them into the physical landscape of Athens, exploring how memories can cross in […]