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Queen Mary EECS team wins first prize in plant hackathon!

Video of the Plant Hack – Symposium and Hackathon in Social Media and Interaction On 23-24 March, Shauna Concannon, Katja Knecht, Sophie McDonald and Pollie Barden from the Media Art and Technology PhD programme, and Dmitrijs Milajevs from the Theory Group, in the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, teamed up to participate in […]



Deconstructing Pecha Kucha

  WeShare a collaborative initiative by Furtherfield and Drake Music in London, UK. WeShare sets out to develop a Peer to Peer philosophy for arts organisations to enrich our programmes, extend, connect and engage diverse communities and achieve improved flexibility and sustainability. Drake Music breaks down disabling barriers to music through innovative approaches to learning, teaching and making music.Furtherfield’s mission is to co-create extraordinary art […]


O-POMs is a modular networked wireless system for students who use motorized wheelchairs to manage access to their backpacks. O-POMs are the next evolution of iN-BaGs. The O-POM system consist of poms (radios) are attached zipper of each compartment of a backpack and a controller (remote) that provides the user the means to communication with […]



ADA Devices

Adaptive Design Association (ADA) has the mission to ensure that children with disabilities obtain the customized equipment they need to fully participate in home, school, and community life. My internship with ADA focused on learning techniques for building furniture and devices out of cardboard. I built chairs, push carts, containers, and a ping pong table. […]


Grab-a-Crab is a game that assesses the user’s skills and abilities for completing tasks in an inventory job. The game uses the metaphor of sorting sea creatures which map to the high level skill set needed to successfully perform inventory tasks. The data of user’s game actions are captured for analysis. This game is the […]




   iN-BaGs is a group of wirelessly networked pouches for people who use motorized wheelchairs. The pouches are inserted into an existing backpack and are wirelessly connected through a controller. The controller is a way for people who use motorized wheelchairs to maintain awareness and control over their belongings in their backpacks. The controller has […]