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Workshop Instructor for Codasign

I am excited and thrilled to be a joining the Codasign team. Codasign is a London based creative technology education company specialising in workshops on hardware and software tools used in interactive media and artwork. The workshop introduce people to programs such as Processing, and Scratch. The open hardware Arduino and Makey Makey. We also introduce people […]



Armcade @ Mozfest 2012

The Armcade was designed at Hackable Games at MozFest 2012 in London, UK. Greg Trefry, Gigantic Mechanic, and I were volunteer mentors for “One Button Cardboard Arcade” workshop for teens. The workshop was run by NYC game designers Kaho Abe and Syed Salahuddin. The workshop had was divided into two teams. One team worked on creating […]


RoboFun is run by Vision, Education and Media (VEM). VEM provides RoboFun classes to schools throughout New York City. Through teamwork and collaboration, the RoboFun classes teach students how to build and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS kit and software. 5th Graders The fifth grade class learned the basic principles of construction regarding structures, gears, […]



Grab-a-Crab is a game that assesses the user’s skills and abilities for completing tasks in an inventory job. The game uses the metaphor of sorting sea creatures which map to the high level skill set needed to successfully perform inventory tasks. The data of user’s game actions are captured for analysis. This game is the […]