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Queen Mary EECS team wins first prize in plant hackathon!

Video of the Plant Hack – Symposium and Hackathon in Social Media and Interaction On 23-24 March, Shauna Concannon, Katja Knecht, Sophie McDonald and Pollie Barden from the Media Art and Technology PhD programme, and Dmitrijs Milajevs from the Theory Group, in the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, teamed up to participate in […]


Petchey Academy – Power to the People Project #5: Creating Thermochromic Ink Interactive Art

  This was a collaborative project between four organization. Petchey Academy, Space Studios, Arts Catalyst and Codasign in London, UK The project was developed as part of The Power of the People initiative by Space Studios. Codasign was brought in to provide the technology support over six weeks with the students. The students were enrolled in […]



Arduino workshop with Lycée Eugène Livet

  The students of the Lycée Eugene Livet School, Nantes, France came for the second time to Space Studios as part of their annual London trip. Codasign designed a workshop for the students that combined Processing and Arduino. The school has a technology program that includes teaching Processing and Arduino. The students were a mix of experienced […]

Introduction to Arduino Space Studios

  Codasign offered a three session introduction to Arduino workshop. We developed a curriculum that took the students from basic circuit building to programming a LCD screen in the final class. The students were all new to the Arduino platform.In the first session they build circuits to light LEDs and progressed to momentary buttons, potentiometer to control […]



Hack the Barbican: Electric Paper Workshop

  The Electric Paper Workshop aimed to easing the understanding of electricity and circuit design. The workshop utilized household tools such as HB pencils, loose graphite and paper. We finished the workshop with the introduction of conductive ink. I introduced participants to making simple circuits out of paper and cloth. The participants where made aware that they can create interactive projects […]

Workshop Instructor for Codasign

I am excited and thrilled to be a joining the Codasign team. Codasign is a London based creative technology education company specialising in workshops on hardware and software tools used in interactive media and artwork. The workshop introduce people to programs such as Processing, and Scratch. The open hardware Arduino and Makey Makey. We also introduce people […]



Kidish is a children’s plate design to promote healthy eating through entertainment. The project was inspired by both medical reports and family experience. All of the group members had observed and shared in the frustration of encouraging a young nephew, niece and/or cousin to eat healthier food. This concern was underscored by several medical articles […]