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Our Telematic Dinner Party Study in Eat Cook Grow from MIT Press

Rob Comber and I co-author chapter 4: Not Sharing Sushi: Exploring Social Presence and Connectedness at the Telematic Dinner Party (TDP). This chapter details the telematic dinner experiments we ran in the summer of 2011. The focus is on the TDP where the participants had sushi for their cuisine. It was the was the least […]



The ECU Medical Review

The ECU Medical Review is a yearly publication that profiles physician, technology and trends at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. The winter 2000 edition focused on internet technology that was becoming main stream in servicing patients in rural areas. Holistic medical practices and the physicians who use them were also featured […]


The North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR) is a collection of work from North Carolina writers, photographers, illustrators and other artists. The departments of East Carolina University collaborate under an appointed editor to design and publish the NCLR annually. I collaborated with four other designers on the develop the page layouts of the NCLR. Client: East […]