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Our Telematic Dinner Party Study in Eat Cook Grow from MIT Press

Rob Comber and I co-author chapter 4: Not Sharing Sushi: Exploring Social Presence and Connectedness at the Telematic Dinner Party (TDP). This chapter details the telematic dinner experiments we ran in the summer of 2011. The focus is on the TDP where the participants had sushi for their cuisine. It was the was the least […]



GoodGym Participatory Design Research

The central theme of our research project is to bolster older people’s confidence in engaging with digital technologies through a meaningful integration into their lives. We are working with a local London, UK running club whose members regularly visit isolated older people in their neighborhoods: checking on their well-being, encouraging social interaction, delivering newspapers and […]

Firefly Game

  Firefly is a tagging game that explores temporal memory, and exploits the balance of collaboration and competition. The game is designed to be played in the dark. Players, wearing flashing LED badges, compete to see who can steal the most badges from other players. The winner is the person with the most badges at […]



Deconstructing Pecha Kucha

  WeShare a collaborative initiative by Furtherfield and Drake Music in London, UK. WeShare sets out to develop a Peer to Peer philosophy for arts organisations to enrich our programmes, extend, connect and engage diverse communities and achieve improved flexibility and sustainability. Drake Music breaks down disabling barriers to music through innovative approaches to learning, teaching and making music.Furtherfield’s mission is to co-create extraordinary art […]