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Mobo Fashion

    Mobo Studio is Quest2Learn’s after school program.  Quest2Learn (Q2L) is a New York City Public School that is focused on the translation of the underlying form of games into a powerful pedagogical model for its 6-12th graders. As Q2L’s after school program, Mobo Studio is an enrichment space designed to activate kids’ curiosity […]




Kidish is a children’s plate design to promote healthy eating through entertainment. The project was inspired by both medical reports and family experience. All of the group members had observed and shared in the frustration of encouraging a young nephew, niece and/or cousin to eat healthier food. This concern was underscored by several medical articles […]


Grab-a-Crab is a game that assesses the user’s skills and abilities for completing tasks in an inventory job. The game uses the metaphor of sorting sea creatures which map to the high level skill set needed to successfully perform inventory tasks. The data of user’s game actions are captured for analysis. This game is the […]