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Images like the one above are shared across the internet by UX designers and researchers. It is because it reminds us that “users” are real people who collectively make changes through their actions. We need to understand our users or else the “design” will likely be counter productive.


Working with and for users is what I have been doing for 10+ years. Through my pursuit of a PhD in Cognitive Science I have added formal research methodologies to my tool kit.  Here I highlight projects that range from web based social networks to mobile/tablet apps.

Over the years I have worked  with a variety of tools and platforms. I believe in using the tools to meet the needs of the project. Here is just a highlight of typical tools.

Qualitative Research Methods:

  • Structured/semi structured interviewing
  • Audio/video data analysis
  • Implementing co-design/participatory/focus group studies
  • Developing use cases/user stories

Design Tools:

  • OmiGraffle – or any UX/flow sketching tool
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • In-Design
  • POP.app
  • Pen and paper
Development Tools:

  • Coda – or any text code environment
  • Appery.io or any lightweight mobile/tablet
  • SVN,
  • GitHub
  • Eclipse

Prototyping Tools:

  • Arduino
  • Processing


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery